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Beads & Button Show in Milwaukee, USA -3

Beads & Button Show in Milwaukee, USA -2

Beads & Button Show in Milwaukee, USA -1

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Beads & Button Show in Milwaukee, USA -3

We explain the kimono which Takako Sako made from the bead.



Beads & Button Show in Milwaukee, USA -2

We are now at Beads & Button Show in Milwaukee, USA.

Bead & Jewelry Marketplace has opened today!
Many people are visiting to see TakakoSako’s ‘KIMONO (Noh costume.)’
Everyone says “Gorgeous!”,”Beautiful!”, “Amazing!”, “Unbelievable!”,”Incredible!”

Exhibiting till Saturday, June 8,2013. Please come and see us!



Beads & Button Show in Milwaukee, USA -1

We are now at Beads & Button Show in Milwaukee, USA.

This is the biggest Beads event in US and many beads lovers get together once a year.
We are displaying Takako Sako’s ‘KIMONO (Noh costume)’ here.
People are so excited to see the life-size gorgeous kimono.

Exhibiting till Saturday, June 8,2013. Please come and see us!

sakotakako-beads&buttan show 2013


Beadsori (Beads Weaving) exhibition/Workshop in Dortmund,Germany

Beadsori (Beads Weaving) craft exhibition and Workshop at Messe
Westfalenhallen Dortmund (Dortmund, Germany) from March 14 to March 18 2012.

Come and see our beautiful screen from the tale of Genji "Genji Monogatari" made of Beads weaving , traditional Japanese dolls made of beads. Especially, Noh costume woven with beads : "Funa-benkei Shizuka-gozen no mai" which is the life size of Kikunosuke Onoe is amazing.

It is our great pleasure to show and introduce our Beads weaving works to people in Germany.


Perlen Akademie












Master Classes available from Thursday 26th March to Saturday 28th March 2009
Classes run from 10.00am to 3.00pm each day
At Rydges Kensington Plaza Hotel, London

Ms Takako Sako is a well-known bead-weaving designer in Japan.
She has designed an elegant, loom beaded brooch for this Master Class
and will be teaching the techniques involved in setting up a bead loom,
working through a design chart and finishing the brooch.

All the materials to make this brooch are supplied in a Materials Kit.
Ms Sako is bringing bead looms for students to use in the class. Bead looms,
threads and beads will be available to buy after the class if required.

The cost of the Bead Weaving Master Class is ’60.00 per person, per day, this
includes the cost of the Materials Kit. Students are welcome to attend more
than one Master Class.

Places are limited and are offered on a efirst-come-first-servedfbasis.
All payments must be received by Friday 20th March 2009.

If you would like to book a place, please detach and send the completed
application form together with a cheque for ’60.00 made out to: MOON BEADS.
Card Payments cannot be accepted.
Then send to: Moon Beads, PO Box 461, Dorking RH4 9AA.
On receipt of your application form and cheque, we will send you a confirmation
of your place. Unfortunately cancellations cannot be refunded.
For further details please contact: Moon Beads on 01306 876526 or
email on: reesmail@dsl.pipex.com
Please click here for the Application Form

The Knitting and Stitching Show in UK

Thank you for comming to our Beadsori (Beads weaving) exhibition
at Alexsandra Palace craft show.
Takako Sako was invited as one of the 2008 official artest in
The Knitting and Stitching Show held at Alexsandra Palace, WoodGreen,
UK (Oct/9-12/2008) A lot of people came and visit us to see Beadsori (Beads Weaving).
Based on the request from the show, we are planning to have a Beads Weaving
special class in London in 2009.
Please stay tuned!

Photos from The Knitting and Stitching Show (Oct/9-12/2008))

‚a‚d‚`‚c‚r‚n‚q‚h@‚f‚‚Œ‚Œ‚…‚’‚™ now available!

We have opened BEADSORI Gallery in Japanese site from June, 1.
And now English site gallery is available!!
This gallery will be changed every Mondays.

Please enjoy the beautiful world of Beadsori!

Italy Tour with Takako Sako

We are planning a Italy Tour with Takako Sako.
Tour will start from March,2001 for a week.
Essence of this tour are:
-See traditional techniques of beads works
-Find beads related works and arts
-Feel and touch real passion of Italian art tast.

Details will be announced in October. Don't miss this tour!

Thank you! Special Beadsori Class by Takako Sako

Special Beadsori class by Takako is almost full of capacity.
Thank you very much for your registration!!!!
Hope you will enjoy making wBonbori no ohinasama ( A pair of round shaped dolls)x.

Ohinasama is a pair of dolls (traditional Japanese prince and princess) that celerbrates
on March 3rd for girls health and good wedding in the future.

ƒ go see photos „

Beadsori Contest of BARANO-KAI

BARANO-KAI is now requesting your registrations for BEADSORI Contest!!

Winners will be awarded at BAARANO-KAI General Session and Party in October, 2000.
Let's us see and show us your masterpiece!


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