Sako Takako

Welcome to my Homepage. My name is Takako Sako and hope you will enjoy the beautiful world of "Beadsori".
"Beadsori" is a craft known as Bead Weaving. "ori" means (woven) fabric in Japanese.
It's been in a big trend of beads works all over the world these days.
I see pretty little pouches, notebooks, barette, and shoes...there are beads decorations every where! In bookstores, almost all the fashion magazines have articles or photos of beads works. And when you turn on TV, wow, news caster lady is wearing a beautiful beads necklace! You see beads works every where!
Beads will makes you very happy and fun with it's various color and brilliancy. "Beadsori" will make these cool glass beads into a fabric with smooth touch and feeling. I've been absorbed in Beadsori for more than 20 years.
I would like to introduce the mysterious experience of making "Beadsori" to every one of you! Hope this Web sites will help you come into a new world of beauty and interest.

Appreciate your comments on my web site. And yes!!! let's share together your original beads works and experience in this site! We have Japanese site as well. Why don't you meet a beads friends in Japan?
We will welcome you to join here!
Thank you.

Takako Sako

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